Whispering in the ears of billions

By Ricky Sutton, Oovvuu founder and CEO

Twenty years ago, I headed a newspaper that was read by 60 million people.

My job was to break the biggest stories in the world, to drive people to choose our paper over a dozen others on the news stand.

In that first era of news telling, exclusivity was king.

But that changed in the era of search.

Overnight, a story was exclusive for just the 0.66 seconds it took Google to index it.

Old media was about telling. Telling the news.

Gathering millions of people together, in one place, to tell them the story that you, as editor, had chosen.

Search was a game changer because it did something fundamentally different.

Search listened.

Its solution was to listen to billions of people saying what they wanted, and then responding.

It made media personal.

Old media told. New media listened.

Content was king. Suddenly, the audience was.

The result was that mass media ended, and masses of media rose.

But now that era is ending too.

As search is superseded by AI.

Video is swiftly replacing words and pictures as the news telling medium of choice.

Oovvuu and IBM Watson are using AI to drive the global personalisation of video consumption, driving a third information renaissance.

This is how it works.

Oovvuu reads hundreds of thousands of news articles, blog posts, chat messages and tweets globally as they happen.

We then watch years of video from more than 40 global broadcasters, and match them together in the blink of an eye.

It’s early days, but we can already place a BBC video from London about Mars into thousands of articles about the same topic, all over the world, to people we know are interested, in less than a second

The result:

  • Billions of people get their news in a new, engaging and relevant format they have never experienced before
  • Broadcasters access massive new audiences and revenues that frees them from their reliance on traditional TV, and
  • Advertisers can reach premium audiences at scale, knowing their campaigns are brand safe, as ¬†there’s nothing safer than a broadcaster video in a trust news brand’s article.

And there is a big prize to go after. IBM believes AI video will be a $105 billion industry within 24 months.

It is the convergence of video streaming from Oovvuu and AI from Watson that is enabling this vision for the first time in human history.

Looking back, what I did in my newspaper days was arrogant. I shouted the news at 60 million people assuming they were interested.

Now, Oovvuu’s technology, working with IBM Watson, means I can whisper it in the ears of billions of people individually, knowing they are interested.

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