Oovvuu is changing the way video is watched, distributed and monetised.

More than 50 broadcasters and publishers already trust Oovvuu’s solutions to distribute video to millions of people in 113 countries every day, and we are funded and supported by global tech giants IBM and Amazon.

Oovvuu attracts attention because of its ingeniously different way of getting the right videos in front of the right people.

We do this by using a combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence and the cloud to match videos with breaking news.

We have taught IBM’s supercomputer Watson to ‘read’ 300,000 articles every day and work out what they are about. We have also taught Watson to ‘watch’ videos from our 39 broadcast partners, and figure out what they are about too.  

We then work with publishers including News Corp and The Guardian to embed the videos into articles read by a billion people daily.

News consumption is exploding, video creation is soaring and video viewing is at an all-time high. Oovvuu combines this with the latest technology in a way that is mind-blowingly powerful, yet cheap, as the AI does the heavy-lifting.

  • In Australia, our AI follows the headlines and embeds news videos directly into articles
  • On YouTube, it knows the audience and places the right shows in popular channels
  • On Amazon Prime, it knows the genres that drive the most views and adds shows
  • In Indonesia, it even places viral clips into chat apps viewed billions of times a day

Oovvuu is smashing the old distribution model by being cheaper and more efficient. Put simply, there’s no better way to get video to the right people and make money.

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