Oovvuu’s vision is to put a relevant video in every news article using the power of artificial intelligence. Strap is our latest product that turns brings that dream closer to a reality.

Strap began in secret two years ago, codenamed v5. Initially conceptualised as a mobile app, it would auto-generate a breaking news playlist.

A user could click the feed once, and receive all the video headlines from Oovvuu’s 100-plus broadcasters, as they broke.

Strap was inspired by CNN, which pioneered round-the-clock news 40 years ago. Today’s product reinvents rolling news for the digital age.

Publishers have invested hundreds of millions in designing newsrooms and websites to ensure visitors never miss a breaking news story.

Yet too little has been done to accommodate breaking news video.

Oovvuu has re-imagined the article page, by adding a breaking news Strap above the words and pictures to ensure no reader need ever miss the news again.


A billion people read news articles daily, and when they do, they undertake a transaction in engagement.

In today’s world of choice, everyone is constantly one synapse from clicking away.

That means those who read an article have done something profound. They are choosing to invest their time, and this is what human engagement looks like in 2019.

Oovvuu rewards this behaviour by ensuring they access the best news video in real time.


They might be in an article on one topic when the big story happens, but Strap will display it before their eyes, in an instant, for the first time.

Over the past four years, Oovvuu’s work with more than 100 of the world’s best broadcasters and publishers has enabled us to track the emergence of a digital phenomenon.

Facebook and social media has become so large, it has effectively become an internet in its own right, with its own benefits and challenges.

It provides ephemeral emotional succour at vast scale. That has commandeered a lion’s share of the web’s advertising, yet its content goes largely unpoliced, leading to calls for them to be controlled or broken up.

Google and search have created a second web, one where people looking for something explicit can be satisfied. It responds to what people say they want but Google has been fined billions for fixing results, and manipulating data to syphon advertising.

Third web

Publishers own a third web, but are largely oblivious to its power. It is vast, with billions of visits daily, but most important it is a walled garden of trust. Everything, in every page, has been written, approved, edited and considered by professional journalists.

As advertisers turn from Facebook and Google seeking new audiences, they are seeking brand safety and engagement at scale. This is the opportunity, and it is why Oovvuu created Strap.

Breaking news video, from trusted broadcasters, beneath a trusted masthead, means a billion of news consumers can find the video they want, on the stories they care about, in a location they can rely on, and advertisers can have complete faith in.


Strap also socialises trust.

Media has become divisive. CNN’s breaking agenda is left leaning, while Fox News has right wing coverage makes the same stories unrecognisable.

Consumers are left asking who to believe. Strap offers ALL broadcasters, in a single stream, meaning that every view on every story is available. It’s as simple as: See. Click. Stream.

The future of news-telling will be mobile and video led. Strap works everywhere, on every device.

Broadcast has a future, and radio too. So does social and search, but Strap transforms articles into a multimedia hub in an instant.

Strap reaches audiences when they are interested. People find the video they want, in an environment they know they can trust. And advertisers find engaged audiences at scale.

To find out more about Strap from Oovvuu, drop us a line.