Global, instant, affordable distribution driven by AI

Matched: A video representation of how the BBC’s video on Mars was embedded into an Australian publisher in less than a second

Imagine if you could syndicate a video, to any person, anywhere on Earth, the minute they wanted it. Wouldn’t that be worth knowing more about?

This is how we do it and it’s really, really, very clever.

We have spent the past few years working with IBM’s boffins to teach the world’s most-powerful supercomputer, IBM Watson, to watch your videos and learn what they are about.

That’s just step one.

As we have also taught Watson to read live articles from 100,000 trusted publishers across the world from The Guardian to The New York Times to The Times of India. We track 300,000 news articles every day across more than 26 million topics, in real time.

We do that because every single articles and topic is an opportunity to embed one of your videos. And breaking news is perpetual, free, vast and popular.

Oovvuu matching in action

  • A story breaks about global warming on Mars
  • It’s published by hundreds of news brands across the world
  • The combined audience of those sites is 10 million people
  • Oovvuu with IBM Watson sees the story break and identifies what it’s about
  • Oovvuu searches the content catalogues of its customers – which might be you
  • Oovvuu finds a 48-minute video from BBC’s Horizon on the topic
  • The video is then transported to the publishers’ online video platform
  • The video is embedded into the article where it starts to be watched
  • Instantly, it is delivering pre- and mid-roll advertising and making money
  • Good videos in popular articles generate thousands of dollars
  • Multiplied across thousands of articles, publishers and millions of viewers and your catalogue is making millions
  • And everyone is automatically paid every 30 days

Ecosystem: How Oovvuu automates the delivery of your video to global news articles 

Why it makes sense

The size of the prize is enormous. IBM estimates the global video market will be worth US$105 billion by 2019, and Oovvuu has already distributed 22 million videos in 113 countries over the past year.

The first step is to let us move your video catalogue into the cloud. Once there, Oovvuu and Watson can see it and match it with the global rush of breaking news.

Thirty nine global broadcasters already trust us to distribute their video this way, including The BBC, Bloomberg, ITV, Al Jazeera, VPRO and more.

And we are backed by the immense power of IBM.

Finally, we do not charge you to join our project. It’s free for you. We pay you a revenue share once we have enabled your shows to make more money.