How Oovvuu transforms your video business

Imagine how your business would be transformed if the articles you publish every day suddenly, and automatically, earned far more in ad revenue. Wouldn’t that would be worth knowing about?

Oovvuu does that using the power of video, machine learning and artificial intelligence. This is how.

We have spent the past two years working with IBM, and teaching their supercomputer Watson to understand the  unique complexities of how the news industry works.

As a result, Watson now reads 300,000 articles a day, from 1,000 news outlets and blogs worldwide, in real-time, and works out what they are about.

With Oovvuu’s help, it then sources world-class video from 39 global broadcasters, and embeds them into the articles.

Once there, they are watched by millions of people reading the news, and attract premium advertising.

The constant rolling news cycle combined with premium video advertising, transforms the earnings of every page. And that’s how we do it. You can learn more about the details here.

Oovvuu in action

A story breaks in Australia’s leading news site. It’s about the Zika virus.

Our technology reads it, extracts what it is about and understands it.

Oovvuu then sources a relevant video from one of its 39 global broadcasting partners.

In this case, it finds an SBS show is most relevant.

The video is added to the publisher’s online video platform, and embedded into the article.

It then begins to generate pre- and mid-roll advertising.

Multiplied across hundreds of breaking stories in the 24/7 rolling news cycle, your revenue quickly rises to the millions.

Oovvuu’s unique news focus

The Oovvuu team are all former journalists. Our focus is on documentary, factual and current affairs programming, both long and short form.

News consumption is exploding, video production is peaking, and the consumption of news video has never been higher. This is what creates the opportunity. 

We can source hundreds of thousands of quality videos from the BBC, Bloomberg, Al Jazeera, ITV, SBS, ABC and many more. That might be a a documentary on Brexit, a news clip on the nuclear threat from Iran, a biography of Angela Merkel or any one of thousands more topics.

Every show is delivered to your online video platform, so it’s all your video traffic to report, and your advertising to sell. And the fact our technology matches it to articles means you don’t need staff to make it work. Your current editorial team can just monitor the output.

Finally, we don’t even charge you for the service. You pay us over time on a revenue share, so our success is reliant on your’s.

We can even syndicate your own home-produced video to millions of viewers on other publishers, and pay you another revenue stream. 

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