As the sun set on Atlanta Georgia, on June 1st, 1980, news reporting was transformed forever, as CNN went to air with the world’s first 24 hour rolling news channel.

Ambitions were big, and hair was even bigger. Jimmy Carter was President, the hunt was on for the Unabomber and Steve Ovett sent a new record for the mile.

Visionary broadcaster Ted Turner promised his news network would…

  • Act upon one’s convictions while others wait.
  • Create a positive force where cynics abound.
  • Provide information to people when it wasn’t available before.
  • And offer those who want it, a choice.

Viewed through the lens of today, his words continue to resonate, but 40 years on, the world needs a new game changer – one for our fast-moving Digital Age.

All South Africa’s seven large media groups have joined Oovvuu’s Connect initiative, including:

  • Media24
  • Tiso Blackstar
  • Caxton Newspapers
  • Caxton Magazines
  • The Local News Network
  • The Independent
  • The South African
  • The Daily Maverick

Truth, trust and transparency

Oovvuu has spent the past four years creating a global consortium of publishers and broadcasters, based on truth, trust and transparency.

Hundreds have joined the mission. The BBC, Bloomberg, Associated Press, AFP, Reuters and many more.

Publishers with more than a billion readers in 143 countries have stepped up, because their mission mirrors ours.

To put a relevant video in every article.

To tell trusted news to the world.

Now South Africa’s publishers and the leaders of their advertising market are joining. The timing is right. The mission is right. And the opportunity is right now.


Over this past year, Oovvuu helped millions of South Africans access world class video, across news and more than 60 genres, from parenting to history.

And all the data shows they want more.

As well as the publishers, and the world’s best broadcasters, powerful allies are backing our mission in South Africa.

  • The world’s largest tech company Amazon.
  • The world’s largest artificial intelligence IBM Watson.
  • The world’s largest chipmaker Intel.
  • As well as Rubicon and Comscore.

They and us, are in South Africa to back agencies and brands. To give them the video scale, engagement, brand safety and transparency they have asked for, and deserve.

Bad tech

Oovvuu’s global movement grew out of fear that quality was being lost amid an incessant demand for scale.

A near-religious belief seemed to be emerging, suggesting technology could solve everything.

But the cost was too high. Cambridge Analytica. Terrorism on YouTube. Electoral interference. Far right filter bubbles and live streaming murders.

Disinformation, hate and polarisation were fanned by this blind chase for scale, and we felt something had to be done.

The world has become a more fractured, tense, more doubting and more dangerous place than at any time in the 40 years since CNN promised “a positive force for people”.

Oovvuu’s mission is to provide an alternative. An antidote. And a new advertising opportunity.

We realised the time was upon us. The responsibility is on us, and the media and agency leaders we gathered in South Africa to change the game again.

For everyone, and for the better.

Because none of us sell products to machines. We sell them to people. And these people who rely on us.

Video’s superpower

We believe video has a superpower for marketers. In an era of instant gratification, buyers are constantly a synapse from clicking away from marketing messaging. Keeping their attention is critical.

Video and news articles are a powerful combination. Whether people arrive on a news article via search, social or the homepage, each of them, millions of them, have individually made a profound decision. They have committed to invest precious time there, despite a billion distractions.

Marketers looking for engaged audiences, well this is what they look like in 2019.

People instinctively know:

  • Articles are a 100% safe environment of quality and engagement.
  • Every word, every picture, has been fact checked by a team of professional journalists.
  • Every ad is published beneath a brand with decades of integrity.
  • And to an audience who have proven by their click that they care.

The outcome is a bulletproof assurance for marketers, to reach audiences at the moment they want them most: When they are paying attention.

Dollars follow eyeballs

The metrics prove it. South Africa is already leading the world on many lead indicators of advertising success. Completions, viewability and dwell times are all ahead of global benchmarks.

We are working with all South Africa’s publishers towards a goal that, over the course of the next 12 months, articles will feature video as the norm, not the exception.

And this is where the future will be told. It is where eyeballs will go. And it is where we hope advertisers will follow.

Why news?

Finally, we know that advertising within news can sometimes be challenging. That brand safety is subjective, and constantly changing. That’s because people, and situations, change.

News video is a mirror on humanity, and humans are unpredictable. News has the power to surprise, delight, inspire, amaze, shock and horrify. It can be good. And it can be bad.

But at its core is the innate human thirst for knowledge. That’s why we check it multiple times a day. That’s why news consumption is exploding, and video has emerged as the most prolific activity on the web globally.

Oovvuu and its partners are solving the challenge of finding the video people can rely on. And we are focused on providing the data our partners need to know about who they are reaching, and why.

They deserve transparency. And with our new product Connect, will are giving it to them.

  • Great videos.
  • Great articles.
  • Premium brands.
  • Premium placements.
  • Pre-rolls, mid-rolls.
  • Engaged audiences at scale.
  • And world class reporting and analytics

This is Oovvuu Connect. Find out more.