Welcome to Oovvuu. Our mission is to put a contextually-relevant video in every article in the world, to tell trusted news to a billion people, and to create an advertising model to sustain journalism in the 21st century.

News video consumption is exploding worldwide, yet the news industry faces obliteration. A future without media means a world without trust, and we are seeing the dangerous repercussions of that every day.

Over the past four years, Oovvuu has partnered with hundreds of broadcasters and publishers and we already distributing reliable news to millions of people worldwide, daily. Video views for our partner publishers are growing at 30x a year.

Now, our focus is on building a consortium of trusted publishers and broadcasters to take our early wins to a lasting success for our industry. The outcome of that is a  SAFER, more TRUSTING world for BILLIONS.


Oovvuu grew out of the video team at The Sydney Morning Herald in Australia, where we realised four truths.

  • A billion people watch news video every day, and they want more
  • Publishers have the audience, but lack sufficient video to meet demand.
  • Broadcasters have the video, but lacked global, ubiquitous, instant distribution.
  • And advertisers want brand safe content, and engaged audiences, at scale.

Four years later, Oovvuu has built an A.I called Compass. It can read articles, watch videos, and match them together, based on contextuality.

Compass has a superpower other A.Is do not. It is taught by journalists and the perpetual breaking news cycle. Compass is integrated into the content management systems and tools that reporters use to do their job.

We do not embed videos in pages automatically. Instead, our tech recommends matches to journalists. Only when journalists approve it, or OVERRULE the recommendation, are videos ever embedded.

That means journalists covering the news teach our Compass A.I. by doing their job.

…EVERY time a story breaks.

…EVERY time a person reads.

…EVERYWHERE in the world

And 24/7.

It is constant, and self-perpetuating.

Broadcasters create. Compass curates. Journalists moderate. Viewers validate. Every second of every day..

It is cold fusion for news, and media advertising.

The outcome is more reliable videos, in more trusted publishers, more quickly, to ever larger, more engaged and more informed audiences.

This is a model for journalism in the future. A network effect, where journalism and consumers together teach technology to distribute trust.

This is self-sustaining for news and advertising, on a PLANETARY scale.

Mobile future

All data indicates video will be the way news is reported to billions in a mobile-centric future. Oovvuu, publishers and broadcasters will be at the heart of it. That means Oovvuu and the industries we work with have to gain by collaborating, not competing.

Oovvuu’s success to date has created a challenge. We grow publishers’ premium video traffic too quickly. When we double, double and double again video views, publishers and broadcasters soon find themselves incapables of monetising the scales. Fewer than 30 per cent of the ad opportunities we generate are sold.

Desperate publishers then ask Oovvuu to help sell it. We don’t aspire to be an ad sales company. Our mission is media, and we do not wish to be distracted. However in response to this challenge, a video marketplace called Oovvuu Connect powered by Rubicon Project has been created for buyers to access quality video inventory in a click.

We hope the combination of more videos, in more articles, more often, and more quickly, to more people, using Compass, with more advertising through Connect, will help us refloat the media, and put journalism’s future back in play.

The duopoly

More than US$20 billion has been lost by media to Facebook and Google over the past decade. What was good business for Big Tech, failed to appreciate the societal damage. Tens of thousands of journalists have quit or been fired. Local newsrooms have gone dark. Bureaux in war zones, Parliaments and courthouses have closed. Countless vital stories go unreported… terrible scandals go uninvestigated.

The world has become riven by a lack of trust and polarisation. Purveyors of fake news, and bad actors have exploited the void, making the world volatile and destabilising the economies our businesses rely upon.

Yet media consumption is at an all time high. People are watching more than ever, and content creation is ballooning. Oovvuu aims to redress the advertising imbalance. We believe a global coalition of publishers and broadcasters based on trust and transparency, can enable brand safe content, with engaged audiences, at scale that advertisers are seeking now Facebook and Google are being exposed.

Coming next

This future is coming.

Oovvuu has been supported by Amazon and IBM for years, and more recently, Intel. In recent months, they have all approached us offering to underwrite advertising to compete with the duopoly.

It’s the right thing to do.

Facebook has been brought to its knees by six headlines. The Guardian, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Wired and Der Spiegel. Cambridge Analytica, electoral interference, intolerable employee conditions, data harvesting and customer surveillance have crushed its value and tarnished its reputation forever.

It has lost in the court of public opinion, and that has empowered Governments to begin reigning them in, and antitrust lawyers to dust off their files.

Google risks the same fate. Facebook’s chapter in history has been written and it is all bad. Google still has to decide what to do next, and it needs to decide, but while Mountain View vacillates, media must act.


Let’s work together to build a future that benefits people. It’s people that fuel the economy, therefore building an economy around trusted news, will sustain us all.

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