August 26, 2020

Nate Kelly

Our mission is to enable you to put a relevant and compelling video in every article in a single click. Our tools do this and that’s why we are the #1 video recommendation engine used by publishers around the world.

This is a how to, showing you how best to utilise Oovvuu’s powerful tools in your newsroom.

First, you need to sign-up at If you haven’t already done that, start there.

So, how do I get started?

Write your article as you would normally. It doesn’t matter whether you are using the classic WordPress editor or the newer Gutenberg block editor.

Your dev team will have deployed the plugin. Before you can use it, you need to register with your work e-mail address at It only takes a minute or two.

Once done, you will be asked to authenticate the plugin within WordPress. It will look something like this, in the right navigation of WordPress.

Click the link and you will be taken to your WordPress profile, where you can scroll down to the bottom and authenticate the plugin. You only need to do this once and you will be logged into Oovvuu forever.

Return to the post you were editing, drag the Oovvuu plugin to the top, and you will see your latest viewing analytics and a list of all the most recent videos that you can use.

Now you are ready to use Oovvuu to find the right video for your article.

First, click the green Get Videos button.

Oovvuu’s tech will instantly scan your headline and article to understand what it is about and then search through hundreds of thousands of videos to find matches and recommend them back to you.

We do not automatic insert into articles because we believe journalists can judge best what is relevant and know how they want to craft their story.

Sometimes, you will want the video to explicitly and exactly match the story. At other times, you might want a that is more of an explainer, or take the reader on a deeper journey, adding richness to the piece.

It’s up to you. Oovvuu in WordPress surfaces video you probably never knew existed until that moment and make adding the video you choose as simple as one click.

We recognise journalists are the experts and technology is just the tool.

So, every time you, and all the other hundreds of journalists using Oovvuu every day select a video, we capture that and use it to teach our recommendation technology.

This uses machine learning, and there is a lot of talk about about it, but Oovvuu uses the never-ending news cycle as a catalyst to teach technology how to make better and better suggestions.

That’s the clever stuff. All you need to do is click Get Videos. A box will pop up with asking which of the keywords in the article are most important.

Click on the ones that matter, and it will refine the search to the videos you want.

You can add your own keywords too if you don’t see what you want.

Once you are happy, click Recommend Videos and the AI will return with the best matches. You can then drag and drop into the positions you want them to appear in the page.

At Oovvuu, we believe that technology can be learned, but trust must be earned. That’s why we put journalists at the heart of everything we do, with the machines just being there to help. It’s why we only work with trusted publishers and broadcasters, like you.

A journalist creates an article > Oovvuu’s machine technology curates the recommendation > a journalist validates the recommendation > and then the thousands or millions of people who watch the video confirm it.

Oovvuu videos are usually click to play, meaning the viewer has to click for it to start. To ensure people opt to watch, the video must be of the highest quality and relevant to the article.

The hero

The best performing position for a video is at the top of the article, below the headline and above the first paragraph, a position known as the hero.

Videos embedded in this position typically attract a play rate of ~33 per cent. That means a third of the people who read the article will watch the video too.

Fourth paragraph (graf)


If the video is a second video on the same topic, if it is more background, if it is an explainer, or more implicitly relevant rather than explicit, we recommend putting it between the fourth and five paragraph, or graf.

Videos embedded here typically attract an 11 per cent click to play rate.

NB: If you add videos in both positions, they tend to compound, meaning that an article with two strong videos in the hero and fourth spot will command a combined 44 per cent view rate.

If your publication delivers 100 million page views, that means you can expect more than 40 million video streams per month with Oovvuu.

Oovvuu makes browsing through the latest and greatest videos easy.

Every minute of every day, the Oovvuu plugin is being updated with new video from more than 400 of the world’s best providers.

The Latest Videos module in the plugin shows you these in the moments after they are syndicated, from anywhere in the world, for you to discover and embed in a heartbeat.

Super-users have learned to use Oovvuu’s powerful search functions to find videos they know will be popular and write articles around them.

Do you think a lunchtime story about Elon Musk’s latest space mission will get your readers animated?

Just go to the Oovvuu plugin, type Elon Musk into the search field and it will return all the results you need.

Click Add To Story and the video will attach to your article.

Go ahead and fill in the headline and write your article.

Don’t beat yourself up about it, we have a solution for everyone.

The first thing to do is to head over to to get signed up. (Make sure you keep an eye on your junk mail in case the authorisation email gets sent there by mistake.)

One approved, you will get access to the Oovvuu video catalogue, real time analytics, a very clever matching engine and embed codes for hundreds of thousands of videos, all cleared for you to use.

Latest Videos gives you to the second updates on videos as soon as they become available, together with an embed code you can grab and use.

Every video view you create will be captured by our real-time analytics, and you can even see how many people are watching and set goals to see how you are tracking to target.

The web platform also has the most powerful search and matching tools available.

Selecting Match takes you to a page where you can cut and paste your article and headline, or just add a Keyword Search term to find the videos you need.

You can watch any video in this interface and when you have found what you want to add, click the Embed icon.

Everything you see, you are allowed to use as Oovvuu has done the deals to make them available to you behind the scenes.

The embed code will be added to your clipboard so you can cut and paste it into your article wherever you want it.

Looks good

The first step to becoming an Oovvuu publisher is to sign up at our web platform and let us know who you are.

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