Cracking the Monetization Code

The partnership between Oovvuu and Brightcove will finally merge premium video and premium advertising on a global scale. 

Oovvuu and Brightcove are teaming up to drive the viewing and monetization of premium publishers worldwide

A billion people watch news video every day, but publishers are only scratching the surface of what's possible.

Just 7% of articles published today feature video, yet video is where audiences and advertising dollars are migrating. 

GroupM, the world’s largest advertising agency, predicts that global ad spend will swell to US$697 billion within three years with premium pre-roll video the fastest-growing sector.

Oovvuu is now the official video content and monetization partner of Brightcove.

If you are a publisher looking for premium video and meaningful monetization, get in touch below. 

“Video is the future of news-telling and TV budgets are migrating to pre-roll ads. Oovvuu blends these together. Many publishers have grown their video viewing but very few have cracked how to monetize it. Oovvuu and Brightcove together blend content, technology, ad sales and analytics to enable the best in the business to benefit the most.”

Ricky Sutton

Founder and CEO

“We are focused on solving our customers’ business problems through the best technologies integrated into our platform. Customers tell us monetization and content are their pain points. We are committed to investing heavily in a more enlightened and pragmatic partnership strategy. Oovvuu is our first step down that path.”

Jeff Ray


Brightcove is the video platform of almost half the world’s enterprise publishers, delivering billions of video views a day to people in 170 countries.

How Oovvuu drives success for publishers and Advertisers

By Journalists for Journalists

Oovvuu was founded and is run by journalists who understand how busy newsrooms are. We’ve been there. That’s why placing Oovvuu video into articles happens in one click. 

One-Click Video Publishing and Monetization

With just one click, publishers can seamlessly integrate real-time, relevant video into their articles. Oovvuu also handles all the backend monetization ensuring revenue is delivered back to newsrooms.

Our Editorial Team provides a Complete Service

Oovvuu’s global editorial team works with publishers to hit their video goals. We enable newsrooms with the right video, tools and training to earn the money they deserve from their journalism. 

The Best Content Providers 

Oovvuu is partnered with the best broadcasters and publishers including Reuters, Bloomberg, The Associated Press and The Guardianto distribute reliable news video to millions of people worldwide every day.

Stuff is the most popular news website in New Zealand. A multi-award winner, it has a larger monthly unique audience than Facebook in NZ. It excels in video, delivering six videos per month for every man, woman and child in the country.

We have worked with Oovvuu with tremendous success. The team are excellent to work with and we've been able to execute our video strategy due to our close working relationship. They are a very exciting company."

Paddy Buckley, Head of Video Products and Strategy, Stuff

400 video providers,
600 publishers

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