November 12, 2020

Lisa Mitchell

Investment news experts Bullish are the latest global news company to bring their video to Oovvuu.

The New York publisher aims its no nonsense information at people who want to know more about money – earning it, spending it and investing it.

Expect to see explainers, news from the markets and interviews with insiders and industry leaders.

Andrew Stella of Bullish said: “We pride ourselves on taking a straightforward, conversational approach to our coverage. 

“Bullish wants to empower the next generation of investors through creator-led story-telling, highlighting interesting and unique points of view.”

The deal includes original video series like Bullish Rippers that gets behind the headlines on stocks and TikTok star Zaid Admani gets his own show No Bull With Zaid.

To access Bullish video, and video from more than 400 other providers, drop us a line below.


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