The future of news

Oovvuu introduces publishers to a new era
in video news telling and monetisation
using the power of IBM Watson-powered AI


Going global

Oovvuu keynotes the largest IBM
conference ever, showcasing its
world class products to the world


A flight to facts

Facts are real, and important, and people are
fed up with a diet of fake news. They are
demanding quality, and Oovvuu is providing it


Why it matters

Oovvuu explains to US radio how it is using
AI to forge journalism's future, combat
fake news... and why it is so important


Oovvuu and IBM Watson

We have partnered with IBM Watson to harness the
astounding power of AI to personalise news video
consumption for billions of people worldwide


Our customers

Recent headlines

Oovvuu’s video AI

The start-up building the future of the fully audio/visual mobile video web.

The top five start-ups

Oovvuu is named one of the top five start-ups winning in Australia and NZ.

IDC’s Disruptor 2017

Oovvuu is named the top digital disruptor by influential global research firm IDC.

Repatriating billions

How Oovvuu is using AI to repatriate billions from Google and Facebook to media companies

Teaching Watson

IBM reveals how Oovvuu is teaching its AI supercomputer Watson to understand news and video

New video revenue

IBM says Oovvuu's Watson solution will generate new video ad revenues for media giants

New ad streams

New advertising streams for global news organisations uncovered by AI, says IBM

Changing landscape

Global giant says Oovvuu's artificial intelligence will change the way media organisations operate

Our mission

Oovvuu’s mission couldn’t be simpler, or bigger. We are implementing an AI solution to navigate every video in the world from a view to a profit.

Changing the world

Our story

Breaking news is like cold fusion. Perpetual, free, vast, popular and self-replenishing. Nothing stops it, and that’s why¬†we mine it.

We've come a long way

The Third Way

The world does not have a video content or consumer demand problem. It has a video monetisation problem, and we’re fixing it.

Join the revolution

$200 million of video, for free, on a revenue share, from 40 broadcasters. What’s not to like?

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