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Our mission is to put a relevant video in every article,
tell trusted news to a billion people, and repatriate
$20 billion from Facebook and Google back to media


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Oovvuu launches its latest innovation.
Strap is a breaking news video feed
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History is being written

News costs money, but if Google fails
to act now, not having a sustainable
plan for news may cost them everything


Our partners

First, we put all the world’s best and trusted video in the cloud

More than 100 of the best and most trusted broadcasters trust us to distribute their video to publishers all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of titles, short form and long, from breaking news to more than 60 different genres, all in real time and all at the moment the news breaks. Our catalogue, if you wanted to buy it, would cost more than US$2.5 billion. Our tech watches them all and extracts their meaning, using technology home-grown in Oovvuu’s labs, and tested over four years.

Then we read every article being published worldwide, as it happens

Breaking news is like cold fusion. Perpetual, free, vast, popular and self-replenishing. Nothing stops it, and that’s why we mine it. Worldwide, more than 20 million stories are published every day. We track them all using our own technology, built on the back of much of IBM Watson’s good work. It means we can see the global zeitgeist, what is being written and read. Our technology can read these articles and use proprietary technology to understand what they are about, in seven hundredths of a second.

Our unique A.I tech matches them together in the blink of an eye

Within moments, we know what videos are available, and what articles they match, and we can put them together. Unlike our rivals, we do not use this to dump any old video into the page. Instead, our tech, called Compass, is integrated into the tools journalists use to tell the news. This means that only when a journalist agrees with an Oovvuu recommendation and publishes a video, or disagrees, and over-rules it, it teaches our A.I – hundreds of journalists, hundreds of times a day, and 24/7 in 143 countries.

This creates a self-sustaining  ad opportunity on a planetary scale

Hundreds of journalists, thousands of articles, millions of readers, billions of page views, all of it driven by the never-ending cycle of breaking news, and people’s insatiable hunger to understand the world around them. Google and Facebook have taken the lion’s share of video advertising, but have failed to understand the true super-power video possesses. Now, as the world realises the danger the duopoly poses, advertisers are looking to Oovvuu to fill the gap, with trusted video at scale.

Join our global mission to put a video in every article, tell trusted news to a billion people and repatriate $20 billion from Facebook and Google back to the publishers and broadcasters who diligently and fearlessly report the world around us. Be part of the global Oovvuu movement