October 15, 2019

Nate Kelly

The mission to embed a relevant video in every article using machine learning has been boosted with The Guardian, Business Insider and Euronews joining Oovvuu’s growing roster of world class broadcasters.

All are now distributing live feeds of news, money, lifestyle, food, travel and entertainment via Oovvuu’s platforms to more than 100 publishers across the world.

The videos – as well as more than 150,000 more – are now available for free to all publishers using Oovvuu’s products including Compass, Portal and our latest release, Strap.

Oovvuu’s global head of editorial Lisa Mitchell said: “We endeavour to agree the content can be used in every country but sometimes there’s a business case which bars a publisher or region. If you can’t see the new content, it’s most likely this reason. If you feel you are missing out, drop us a line.”

The Guardian

The UK’s premier left-leaning newspaper is offering news, explainers, investigations and financial video news across a diverse mix, from fatbergs to Instagram stars bored of fame.

Business Insider

A smarter take on business, with compelling video for business people who spend their time travelling and eating. From the slopes of Switzerland to the finest eateries of South America.


The latest news from all the major European markets, plus fantastic lighter pieces on the arts and surprising stories which have global appeal.


Deep and insightful explainers from journalists based all over the world.

The Love Destination

High-quality how-to shows focus on wellbeing and food, from skin-clearing smoothies to libido-enhancing chocolate mousse.

Planet Fashion

All the hottest news from the catwalks and the style leaders around the world.

Switch International

Short-form celebrity documentaries and brilliant re-usable profiles.

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