November 25, 2021

Scientists found food allergies soared by an astonishing 50% between 1997 and 2011 and now affecting 240 million people worldwide.

After extensive international research, three central theories have emerged, all of them are down to use and our style of modern living.

First, we have become clean freaks. Our obsession with hygiene combined with excessive antibiotic use means many kids are never exposed to the bacteria they need as they grow, which leaves their immune systems vulnerable.

The second is frightened parents, who delay the introduction of nuts and other trigger foods to their kids. Researchers found that children who avoided peanuts early in life were 17% more likely develop a peanut allergy by age five.

Finally, a lack of sunlight caused by increased urban living. Vitamin D helps regulate the immune system. The allergy risk for children who spend most of their time in indoors was found to be 11x higher.

Food allergies have taking tragic toll.

The UK recently passed a law requiring more detailed food packaging after teenager Natasha Ednan-Laperouse died after eating a sesame seed baguette.

Big business is rattled. Chocolate behemoth Nestle just spent $2 billion buying a treatment for peanut allergies, as the company expands its pharmaceutical business to protect its food empire.

Food allergies also rule you out if you intend to be one of the first Mars explorers.

NASA recently invited would-be Martians to spend a year in a space habitat called Mars Dune Alpha. One rule though: You couldn’t have a food allergy.

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