February 25, 2022

As the world gazes aghast at the invasion of Ukraine and 100,000 women and children flee leaving their loved ones to conscription and facing Russia’s military might, newsrooms across the world are also mobilising.

For a few old enough to remember the Balkan war, like us, this is muscle memory but for most it is their first time. A baptism of fire quite literally.

Video is both a weapon for those who mean ill but also a pathway to peace for those who use it for public awareness in 2022.

For the first time, footage shot by professionals and citizens is reaching massive audiences bringing the war to the screens of billions in an instant.

Oovvuu is at the epicentre of this, finding, curating, researching, filming and distributing thousands of videos to publishers read by hundreds of millions worldwide.

We are empowering the largest publishers in Africa like News24, in Australia like The New Daily, in New Zealand like Stuff, in India like The Hindustan Times and many more.

We supply constantly updating 24/7 feeds of news video from the most trusted reporting agencies in the world like this.

And our door is open to every publisher to benefit. Contact us here.

Oovvuu is unlike any other media tech company that has come before.

  • We take feeds from all the world’s best wire services and optimise them for the media consumption habits of today.
  • Our global newsrooms are populated by experienced journalists who enhance the descriptions and the images.
  • Our systems convert videos into formats that work on every device.
  • Our tools integrate with publishing systems and CMSs making embedding video a one click operation.
  • Our news teams send bulletins 24/7 to alert our customers to the best video as it becomes available.
  • And our global sales teams monetise every view and pay publishers for using the video, so they can invest in the journalism we will need tomorrow.

Most important though is our unswerving dedication to our mission, penned seven years ago and that has not changed one word since:

We exist to put a relevant video in every article in the world, to bring trusted news to a billion people and to repatriate billions in ad dollars back from Google and Facebook to the journalists, publishers and broadcasters who report the world around us.

The outcome is new era of positive disruption, where consumers get better reporting with video, publishers get paid to use the best video in the world, broadcasters win with new earnings and new distribution and advertisers can avoid the dangers of fake news – even more critical today than ever – and know their clients’ dollars are being spent in environments their customers trust.

Oovvuu was created by journalists for journalists. We knew that technology could be learned, but trust had to be earned. Our team have won Pulitzers, covered wars and run the largest newsdesks in the world. We are unapologetic about being journalists in an era that has devalued our craft.

Because done well, journalism is a benefit to all humanity.

The result is in our work, seen by millions of people every day on the best publishers in the world, yet we are only just getting started.

The depth of our feeds and the simple access we provide gives publishers unprecedented access to the latest video, meaning they can cover this multi-faceted, fast-breaking story from every angle and at the pace that media consumers in 2022 demand.

Get in touch to find out more.

Focusing on refugees.

We provide access to single videos and also to collections like this, that automatically update as new videos are released. Check back later to see how this has changed.

On the countries’ tangled history.

We fund the creation of Oovvuu Originals through co-production partnerships with the world’s news agencies. Our Media Fund is a channel to put money back into making new and unique journalism.

Why Russia wanted Chernobyl.

We find, curate and circulate the videos that we know answer the questions many are asking, providing much-needed support to news rooms as they rush to keep across the story.

We consider ourselves to be something entirely new. Media as a Service. And we are here and ready to tell you more.

If you are a publisher, if you want video from Reuters, Associated Press, Newsy, Agence France Presse, the UK’s PA Media, from France24, from Al Jazeera, Euronews, from CBC, and 400 more, from every angle, from every nation, from every wire provider, fast, simple, trusted and powerful, we are at your service.

The future starts today, and so can you.

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