November 21, 2021

Lewis Hamilton insisted he had no time to celebrate back-to-back wins as he stormed to victory at the Qatar Grand Prix to move eight points behind title rival Max Verstappen.

The race took place amid questions about the state’s poor human rights history and put a focus on its apparent attempt to use sport to portray a more progressive future.

Hamilton only added to the controversy, wearing a rainbow helmet in support of the LBGTQ+ community and sparking criticism from the Qatar World Cup chief executive before the race even began.

He then stormed on to win the race, and create the most enthralling F1 title fight in years.

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Despite having a population of just 2.6 million, it is playing a critical role in America’s foreign policy, notably its military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

And it is using sport in a bid to become a more inclusive player in the international community supported by a rapid social modernisation program.

New empowerment for women.

And a renewed focus on climate change and the environment.

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