November 5, 2019

User experience has always been a top priority for Oovvuu, but in this day and age it is more important than ever. That means not only telling the news in a better way than ever before with video, but by making the way users consume the video enjoyable and seamless.

This means the user experience is key.

With ad dollars shifting away from ad formats like display or rich media, and into video, many publishers who have lacked video content, or the resource to do more video, resorted to switching on auto-play to increase ad inventory or to roll-out poor experiences like in-banner video and out-stream video to try to remain competitive.

This has often put consumer experience last in a race for short term revenue.

The cost of this is clear to see. While auto-play typically results in lower brand metrics like viewability and time in view. It also upsets users, as it is an uninvited demand for attention, drains battery life and costs mobile data. For many, it has led them to install ad blockers or move to a ad free paid subscription or worse where publishers may lose that audience altogether due to a bad user experience. 

Oovvuu provides publishers a new solution that grows video views and advertising inventory while satisfying consumers and avoiding the need for cheaper, nastier alternatives like auto-play.

Oovvuu provides editors with a rolling feed of hundreds of thousands of videos from the world’s best and most trusted providers, including The BBC, AFP, Reuters, Associated Press and many more.

This is integrated with publishers’ own technologies, and uses machine learning to identify the best video for any article, and then empowers any reporter to embed the video in their page, with an ad opportunity attached, in a single click.

It enables journalists to embed more user-initiated click-to-play videos into articles faster than ever before, delivering a greater user experience and higher engagement metrics for advertisers than they see with auto-play or out-stream.

Is mere exposure enough?

Oovvuu’s solution takes on added importance with the emergence of initiatives like the Coalition for better ads, and with browsers like Google Chrome and Apple Safari that now block auto-play video with sound on.

It means the $45 billion question for advertisers now is how much impact does your ad really have if it is never heard?

According to a recent Think With Google study viewers who see and hear an ad simultaneously are two to three times more likely to have an increase of brand awareness, consideration and ad recall.

So it’s not surprising to see more and more advertisers and ad agency groups pushing for better measurements standards for video – for example a viewable impression is only counted when the creative is 100 per cent in view with sound on for at least half the duration.

As Oovvuu video content is user initiated via click-to-play this allows for the advertisement’s audio to be on by default, delivering the advertiser’s message to audiences in a better way. It also returns better engagement metrics for advertisers than environments that use auto-play with sound off.

Content Is King

The user experience also requires the video to be good and relevant. Not all video is equal. Viewers have to be engaged and committed to sit through an ad to watch the video.

That’s why Oovvuu only partners with trusted, quality publishers and broadcasters. This include The BBC, Australia’s ABC, The Guardian, Cheddar for business news , America’s PBS, AFP, Reuters, Business Insider, The UK Press Association, Canadian Press, NDTV in India, Euronews and many, many more.

The video we distribute is only premium and highly engaging. We vet every provider and publisher to ensure our video and advertising can only be seen in brand safe environments.

Multiple studies prove the value of advertising within premium publishers. According to a 2018 Group M and NewsWorks study advertising in quality online environments resulted in campaigns being 42 per cent more cost effective, based on levels of engagement, viewability and dwell time.

Advertising in premium publishers v non premium environments results in:

  • +10.5 per cent on brand awareness
  • +19.2 per cent on ad recall.
  • +9.7 per cent on brand perception
  • +10.3 per cent on recommendation intent
  • Ads are 58 per cent more likely to be 100 per cent in view, and
  • Ads are 98 per cent more likely to be placed fully above the fold

So what results does Oovvuu see?

Current quarter results for key video metrics on ads running against Oovvuu provided content are below.

  • Viewability rates are averaging 83 per cent for all impressions deemed as viewable based on the IAB/MRC standards. That is 19 per cent above global benchmarks
  • The average time in view for a 15 second ad is 13 to 14 seconds
  • Ad completion rates are averaging 80 per cent, which is 13 per cent above the global benchmarks based on 15 second ads
  • The average click through rate on Oovvuu video in premium publishers is 5.83 per cent – a massive 4.3% above global benchmarks based on non-skippable ads, and
  • The average cost per completed view is AU$0.023, US$ 0.014, or ZAR0.24 (CPM cost model applies).

If you are a publisher, marketer or advertiser keen to learn more, please submit your interest to

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