January 14, 2020

Nate Kelly

Oovvuu believes that news media reporting will increasingly reliant on video, that is why we work so hard to ensure every publisher has a relevant video for every article.

Typically, this involves embedding a short clip to a news article, telling the story in greater depth, and creating a lucrative new monetisation method via a pre-roll ad.

Pre-roll video ads – ads that run before a video – command ad prices up to 20x that of standard display, meaning the value of every page view is transformed when video is added.

People love it. Editors love it. Advertisers love it.

Some progressive publishers though are going a step further, and creating Netflix-like video hubs where their visitors can access brilliant and thought-provoking documentaries.

Oovvuu provides thousands of long form films, across multiple genres, to enable any publisher to make the leap into long form.

Play Stuff

The best execution we have seen with the Oovvuu catalogue has been Play Stuff, the video section of New Zealand’s premiere publisher Stuff.

Oovvuu has also built video on demand hubs at West Australian Newspapers in Perth, and Media24 in South Africa.

Average viewing time on our hubs across the world is 16 minutes, and with mid-roll ads adding to pre-rolls, they can generate 4x the revenue of a standard pre-roll.

Hubs also extend reader engagement with news sites into the weekends and evenings.

If you are interested in exploring a hub solution, drop us a line.

To set the scene, these are 10 most watched Oovvuu documentaries so far in 2020.

The Whale

The true story of Luna, a young, wild killer whale who tries to befriend people on the rugged west coast of Vancouver Island. Filled with love and bitter sweet, it charts the difficult relationship between man and nature. Narrated by Ryan Reynolds.

More Than Bees:

Fifty years ago, Einstein warned: “If bees disappear, mankind has only four years left to live.” Without bees, there is no pollination, and fruit and vegetables could disappear. Billions of bees have died in the past 15 years. How worried should we be?

The Thread:

In the aftermath of the Boston marathon bombing, social media became a factory for accusations and rampant speculation. The Thread pieces together interviews, posts, Tweets and YouTube videos to reconstruct the terror attack through the hysteria of the internet.


When Russia’s richest oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin to be more democratic, he was arrested, convicted and his oil company seized. The film traces his dramatic rise and fall at the hands of Putin’s secret services.

Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story:

Lee Atwater is a political rogue who mentored George W Bush and led the Republican party to historic victories, make liberal a dirty word and transforming the way America votes. Viewed through the lens of Trump’s Presidency, it explores his role in America’s shift to the right. 

How Kevin Bacon Cured Cancer:

Six degrees of separation is a fascinating idea, that everyone in the world can be connected in just a few steps. What if this isn’t a myth? What if a network theory also applies to viruses, terrorism and fashion trends? How can we use such knowledge?

Missing Presumed Dead:

While passing an Australian antique shop, filmmaker Gerard Reed happened upon a wallet belonging to a World War 1 German soldier. Fascinated by the find, he decided to investigate and learn the fate of the German soldier through the mists of time.

Frontline Fighting: Battling ISIS:

Three untrained British volunteers with no family connections to the Middle East heed the call to take up arms with Kurdish fighters to reclaim a besieged town from ISIS. Like many called to arms, they find themselves entirely unprepared for the raw atrocities of combat.

Inside The Russian Info War Machine:

Russia’s information war machine is gearing up. From state owned media to shadowy hackers and trolls, a new army is pushing the agenda, manipulating public opinion, undermining democratic governments and attempting to alter world events, but how does it all work?

Digital Addicts:

Children are becoming addicted to mobiles, harming their development and causing possible long-term damage. That’s the story, but what are the facts? Medical experts follow young patients to explore how their brains are affected by constant exposure to screens.

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