June 26, 2020

Nate Kelly

When will we have a vaccine for Covid-19? Will it be available in all countries at once? Who is closest to a breakthrough? Just some of the questions readers are asking as the pandemic enters its eighth month.

Newsrooms around the world are attempting to answer them and new videos on this topic drop into Oovvuu feeds every day.

This hard-hitting long form programme from ABC charts the unprecedented global collaboration to find a vaccine – and the obstacles in the way. From the missed chances during Sars and Mers research to funding blows, it highlights scientists working tirelessly for answers.

The Guardian lifts the lid on the conspiracy theories surrounding vaccines in this compelling look at the anti-vaxxer movement in America. Sceptics are interviewed and it looks at how leading activists spread their ideas on the internet.

A bit of light relief here from Reuters in the furry shape of an alpaca but it’s actually a serious story. Scientists are test anti-bodies on infected animals.

Oxford University is one of the institutions leading the effort to find a vaccine that’s safe. This animated explainer shows how the first human trials work.

Who are those human guinea pigs? Meet the Viney family who are taking the first version of the Oxford University vaccine to “do their bit” to end the pandemic. Euronews went to meet them.

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