June 29, 2020

Nate Kelly

The Black Lives Matter movement and the reverberations of George Floyd’s killing continue to dominate the news agenda in many countries.

There’s a real wealth of video available which can enrich and help explain the story to readers.

Take this look at how one unique feature of the street protests were them taking place at the height of a pandemic.

Taking the knee, a protest better known to football benches, was adopted by protesters and supportive police officers in some countries. This explainer usefully reminds the reader of its origins.

The impact of the movement has been widespread, as this report from Reuters shows. It includes a personal explanation from the founder of Reddit Alexis Ohanian on giving up his seat to a black businessman to make the board more representative.

The movement has compelled states and institutions to confront their past. Lloyds of London, founded in 1686, issued an apology for its part in the slave trade.

Sometimes we can assume the reader has more knowledge than they actually have. This is exactly one of those useful explainers which can help them understand the background.

Or it can stop a reader in their tracks. That someone uses Siri in this way shows what an every day occurrence police harassment can be.

This lighter story also serves to illustrate what an impact the protests have had on our lives.

And finally, the reason George Floyd’s death wasn’t just another statistic was because his agonising death was captured on video, all 8 minutes 46 seconds of it. We have the video and while it’s disturbing to watch, it is a strong part of the narrative. The first one from the ABC comes with a warning, the second from the Associated Press doesn’t.

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