July 16, 2020

Nate Kelly

We’ve always had a fantastic variety of content sources at Oovvuu and hundreds of videos coming in on feeds every day.

Now we’ve teamed up with many more broadcasters and for the first time, thousands of new videos are on our feeds for publishers to choose from daily.

Our list of more than 400 partner broadcasters now includes the South China Morning Post, Al Jazeera, CBC, France 24, Fox News and many more.

It means an opportunity for Oovvuu publishers to offer unparalleled coverage of what’s going on the world.

Take Al Jazeera. Its 80 international bureaux and reputation for finding fresh voices for its reports, it can bring a new perspective to an issue.

Based in Paris, France 24’s mission is to “defend freedom, independence and pluralism of information”. This is a great example of them covering an international story at the top of everyone’s news agenda.

The National is the nightly news and current affairs programme from Canada’s public broadcaster, CBC. In this story, they look at the overwhelmingly older and white leaders in sport.

Fox News has 200 local stations across the US producing digital video. This report on body cam footage from the death of George Floyd is from the Fox 9 channel in Minneapolis.

Based in Hong Kong, the South China Morning Post focuses on reporting “credible news and authoritative insights from Hong Kong, China and the world”. This moving long-form film follows the life of transgender dancer Piano.

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