August 4, 2020

Nate Kelly

A leading Australian publisher has become the first news site in the world to deploy WordPress’ groundbreaking Oovvuu plugin for video.

The New Daily coverage included video from reporters at the scene

The New Daily in Melbourne, has integrated the plugin to its news site and trained its newsroom staff to use it to find relevant videos as news breaks.

When a blast devastated Beirut, the Oovvuu plugin gave the team instant access to breaking news video from the world’s top video sources who were on the scene including Reuters, The Associated Press and The Canadian Press.

Carley Olley, the company’s PM Editor, said: “The plugin is a super easy way to get video into our stories, and we can do it without leaving our editing screen. This means more videos are used, which is a win for us and for readers.

Oovvuu’s real-time analytics reveal which videos resonate

“I’ve also found the analytics extremely useful, both as a way to measure how well particular stories are doing, but also to help me decide which stories to go after, as I can see which are resonating with our readers.”

Hundreds of thousands of Australian readers were exposed to the latest video on the world’s biggest news event of the day right in the articles they read and trust. 

It’s an instant way to see the success or otherwise of a particular story and video.”

Carley Olley, PM Editor

And in the newsroom, they were able to track the story with real-time video analytics for the first time.

The deployment was the first for the Oovvuu plugin since the Australian company was selected by WordPress as its video technology partner.

Oovvuu provides nearly 400 distinct news feeds and is now working with WordPress and others to deploy its news video plugin to publishers worldwide, reaching billions more viewers.

The plugin is built directly into all versions of WordPress and WordPress VIP and delivers video recommendations into the editing screens for both the classic and Gutenberg versions of WordPress.

Since launching the Oovvuu WordPress plugin a month ago, The New Daily has doubled video views and created a lucrative new advertising opportunity. 

Miles Finlay, product and programmatic ad lead, said: “Oovvuu video has improved our offering in the open exchanges and enabled us to complete high value programmatic and direct deals.

The premium nature of the video means we exceed agencies’ expectations with a high 90 per cent viewability rate and strong completions and conversions.” 

Miles Finlay, programmatic ad lead

Before Oovvuu, video was relatively new to the Melbourne-based commercial team.

Oovvuu’s head of ad quality and operations Jimmy Fisher noticed they were able to quickly scale video ad solutions across multiple verticals, including entertainment, lifestyle, sport, travel and finance.

And the results have been terrific, with viewability rates of 90 per cent, a third higher than global benchmarks and healthy ad yields and sellthrough.

“It’s been great to see The New Daily scale up video use. It provides advertisers with options,” he said.

The plugin was deployed directly into The New Daily’s WordPress account by their internal development team.

The entire project was delivered in less than an hour and was live after two days of testing.

They also became the first publisher in the world to go live after the Oovvuu WordPress plugin announcement in July.

Oovvuu provides video from 400 trusted sources, covering major news as it happens

If you are a WordPress publisher and you are looking for video to enhance your articles, contact us.

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