August 20, 2020

Nate Kelly

The New York Post, Al Jazeera and CBC are among dozens of new premium content makers now in Oovvuu’s video library.

These latest additions take the number of feeds available to publishers to more than 400 – that’s more news, insights and explainers plus video for all the non-news verticals.

Oovvuu takes pride in being the world’s news video platform and we draw on the best and most trusted broadcasters and newsmakers across the globe.

Canada’s public broadcasters CBC are obviously the go-to source for Canadian news.

This piece on the impact of the pandemic on women would work in many markets where the same story is emerging of the burden of home schooling falling disproportionately on mums.

Take a look at Al Jazeera for world news from a different angle and voices from the Middle East.

This long-form programme – Inside Story – looks at why people in Thailand are protesting against the monarch.

From Hong Kong, we have the respected English-language newspaper the South China Morning Post. It covers world news and is particularly strong on Asia and China.

From London, we have The Independent, the British online newspaper and digital specialist.

And from New York, the leading US tabloid, The New York Post, founded by THE Alexander Hamilton in 1801, giving publishers a fantastic resource of US politics and entertainment news.

In addition to these news hard-hitters, we’ve added a string of entertainment and lifestyle providers.

Check out Hollywood Life for the latest in celebrity and entertainment news.

NowThis is the digital-only brand out of New York which specialises in social-media driven content. They pride themselves on having their finger on the pulse of what’s trending.

GeoBeats is an excellent addition to any news website. Their culture, science and travel content is informative and clicky, and an advertiser’s dream.

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