September 2, 2020

Nate Kelly

More fresh content news from us, with leading American newspapers, local US TV channels and The Straits Times joining Oovvuu.

Publishers using Oovvuu quickly match video to their articles to enrich story telling and at the same time, increase advertising revenue substantially.

They access video in two ways: either by using our WordPress plugin in their content management system or by using embeds.

The new feeds spread our news-gathering network even further, including content from Singapore for the first time, courtesy of The Straits Times.

An English-language daily broadsheet, The Straits Times covers news and views from Asia and the wider world.

We’re delighted to welcome several esteemed US newspapers to our stable – and, in the midst of possibly the most contentious elections in history, they could not have come at a better time.

Get reporting on the ground from the Chicago Tribune, the New York Daily News, the Baltimore Sun and the Sun Sentinel in Florida.

And bringing in pictures from the streets of Washington DC, Los Angeles and New York are the local Fox News affiliate stations, 15 of them in all.

We’ve seen local angles explode in the US and often these local stations are the first with the coverage.

They also bring fantastic local stories with global appeal, like doctors urging people to get a flu vaccine ahead of a coronavirus second surge, and weird signals from space.

If you’d like to add this kind of content to your website, contact us.

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