September 3, 2020

Nate Kelly

This year’s US election is shaping up to be one of the most contentious in history and with that comes enormous global interest.

We’re expecting to see traffic to our publisher partners soar and we’ve been working hard to make the best in US political coverage available to them.

So here’s who we’ve got on board for Election 2020:

For the latest news on the ground including rallies, voxpops, protests, voting, issues and controversies from newspapers in America’s leading cities – Chicago Tribune, New York Post, New York Daily News, Florida’s Sun Sentinel and the Baltimore Sun.

Added to those illustrious mastheads, we have broadcasts from local TV stations for Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles from the Fox affiliate Channels 5 and 11.

Also, take a look at Newsy, the online news video experts who specialise on “concise and unbiased” coverage of multiple sides of stories to give a 360 view.

CBC is Canada’s state broadcaster and has an insightful perspective on her neighbour.

Breaking News

Publishers can rely on the world’s best wire agencies to deliver day in-day out over the build up to election night and its aftermath.

They’re the workhorses of the news business and always deliver.

Stand up and take a bow Associated Press, Reuters, Agency France-Presse (AFP) and Canadian Press.

Explainers and Profiles

These videos are perfect for adding extra depth to a report and are ideal for the 4th paragraph spot.

Stringr are a fantastic group of journalists based in New York, focusing on online-first content answering trending questions.

Oovvuu’s own co-productions with newsrooms will fill the gaps left – if there are any. Contact us any time if you have ideas you think we should commission.

In depth

Give readers the full picture with in-depth features from US and international broadcasters, including PBS and Al Jazeera.

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