October 23, 2020

Nate Kelly

The race for a coronavirus vaccine is on around the world and a breakthrough in one country, could mean salvation for all.

But with great hope comes the responsibility to report “breakthroughs” in a measured and responsible way.

Oovvuu only partners with trusted news brands and using their expertise, a publisher can build up the most global and comprehensive coverage around.

It starts with knowing who you can trust. Take this investigation from New York-based freelance journalists, Stringr.

And this report from the UK on Russian disinformation.

If people can’t trust what they read, they may not believe the vaccine, when it emerges, is safe. That concern is already mounting.

Our content comes from the most trusted news organisations including the Associated Press, Reuters, the Guardian, the Chicago Tribune, Newsy and many others.

Through our partners, publishers using Oovvuu have every angle covered – explainers, analysis, latest news and features – for the months it may take to get a vaccine.

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