January 11, 2021

Nate Kelly

We choose our partners carefully because we only want to work with those who share our passion for excellent reporting.

We were already sharing the work of Newsy with newspapers and websites in the US, letting them enrich their daily news and politics coverage with engaging video and the latest breaking news.

We’re delighted to now extend the partnership to publishers worldwide.

Newsy’s mission is to provide non-partisan, credible news coverage and after the events at Capitol Hill this week, it’s clear why this has never been more important.

Digiday named them one of the most innovative publishers of 2020 for their US-focused coverage.

In this exclusive interview, Covid Taskforce Coordinator Deborah Birx reveals the stress of the role and being part of the Trump administration has taken its toll.

The news editors at Newsy have a habit of asking the questions people sitting at home are wondering.

Like this on just what is taking so long with the vaccine roll-out plan?

If you would like to add Newsy video to your news coverage, or any of the other 400 feeds on Oovvuu’s platform, please contact us below.

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