March 29, 2021

Nate Kelly

With three Mars missions launched in one year, outer space is beginning to look a bit crowded.

Add to that SpaceX, Nasa’s megarocket and Elon musk’s Starlink, news from space is constantly breaking.

That’s why Oovvuu is delighted to have added Space Channel as a video content provider to our platform for trusted news.

Based in California, Space Channel reports from the intersection of space and business – the future of space travel, who will build hotels in space and who governs this new frontier.

They offer news, analysis, live coverage, interviews with top investors and movies. Plus regular round-ups of the latest news from other planets.

And some fun. This for instance: which country registers the most UFO sightings?

It’s an incredible resource for Oovvuu publishers to enrich their own stories on space and turn video into articles.

To access this video and 400 more providers, contact us below.

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