April 8, 2021

Nate Kelly

Nasa scientists call it the “seven minutes of terror” – the time it takes for its probe Perseverance to enter Mars’ atmosphere and land on the Red Planet.

However much you read about this dramatic mission, there is nothing to beat seeing rockets blast off and real-life images beamed back from space.

For an event like this, video is the most engaging way to tell the story.

Publishers using Oovvuu’s 400 feeds had a lot to choose from when China, the US and the UEA all launched missions within weeks of each other.

California-based Space Channel is the authority on all things extra-terrestrial.

They reported how the UEA’s Hope probe uses stars to navigate and will collect date on space weather, using fantastic computer generated images to replicate the journey through space.

Interest in Nasa’s probe Perseverance was huge among Oovvuu’s publishers and we were able to commission the video they wanted under our co-productions with global newsrooms.

Called Oovvuu Originals, these videos are available only to Oovvuu customers and made the most of the images beamed back from the planet.

Within minutes of the jubilant scenes from mission control, video was available to publishers to embed in one click.

The story didn’t stop at the successful launch of the rockets or Nasa’s touch down.

Oovvuu’s news partners including Newsy, Euronews, AP, PA Media, Al Jazeera, Reuters and CBC continue to send updates on the missions, creating compelling content which proven high dwell time.

Using Oovvuu’s video platform to add quality video to articles is easy for journalists and makes for an immersive experience for audiences.

And at no cost to publishers, generates substantial new revenue.

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