May 4, 2021

Former President Donald Trump is about to find out if he will be allowed to reconnect with his tens of millions of followers or be permanently blacklisted to a social media black hole.

Facebook’s oversight board is about to rule on whether to let him back.

Some are claiming it is a convenient sideshow that distracts lawmakers and policy wonks from focusing on the platform’s anti-competitive power.

But feedback from the oversight committee itself is fascinating, with Facebook Oversight Board Member and civil rights lawyer Jessica J Gonzales admitting they are pretty much powerless anyway.

In this Oovvuu video from The Associated Press she admits: “The harm that can come from Trump being back on the platform is immense.

“However the oversight board isn’t going to fix Facebook tomorrow, no matter what it does.

“It doesn’t have the power to hold the entity accountable to its users all around the world. It simply doesn’t. It’s no Supreme Court.”

With lawmakers around the world preparing for the largest anti-trust case in recent memory, it might be the real Supreme Court that makes the final decision.

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