May 7, 2021

One of Oovvuu’s greatest strengths is our ability to provide the ready-to-embed video that news publishers need to report the biggest stories from all the angles.

A deadly shootout between police and a Brazilian drug cartel is the most recent example.

Twenty five young people and one officer were killed when heavily armed police stormed a favela. Footage showed suspects clambering across rooftops to escape a hail of bullets.

With police facing accusations of brutality and state-sponsored executions, the families of those killed were joined by thousands of protestors on the streets.

Oovvuu had multiple videos of both the violent police raids and the protests in the aftermath from many of the world’s most trusted news providers.

If you need news video from sources you can trust, you can get it from Oovvuu. We provide it for free and we pay you to use it. Sound too good to be true? Drop us a line and we’ll explain just how easy it is.

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